Thursday, July 10, 2008

Water Fun

I think I've already mentioned that one of the best features of our temporary home is an outdoor shower. It's been SO key for getting the kids rinsed off after beach time. In a stroke of pure mommy genius Tammy purchased a kid-sized pool and brought it along (she did a MUCH better job packing than I did, ask me about the 48 scones I made for this trip and then left in our freezer in Somerville). The pool has been awesome in providing a tub to go along with the shower. In fact we generally can't get Lily to shower/bathe anywhere else. It's also been useful for just providing an hour or so of fun without having to do a full on beach excursion. Here are some pics of Julia, Lily and Gordon having a ball in our outdoor "spa". Julia and Lily enjoyed giving Daddy the ever-so-popular "bucket of water over the head" treatment.

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