Saturday, May 12, 2007

Our First Mother's Day

Gordon and Lily treated me to a wonderful first Mother's Day. On Saturday, they went out for a morning jog and came back with flowers and fixings for mimosas and crepe's suzette. Turns out Lily is a pretty great cook with a refined palette ;) We had a lovely brunch on our back deck - it's so great that the weather is warming up now!

Then on Sunday we made a trip to Fall River to visit my Mom and Grandma. It was great to have three generations of Moms together to celebrate. We ended the day with dinner at Lepage's seafood - yum!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Auntie Corinne and Uncle Mike

This weekend we got an extra-special treat. Our dear friends Mike and Corinne made a bonus trip to Boston. Corinne and I have been close friends since we met at through an MIT internship in 1996. She and Mike lived in Boston for awhile post grad school, but they moved to the Pacific Northwest a couple of years ago. The gang here misses them terribly - so we were all super excited to have them in town. Even better is that Lily got to meet her Aunt Corinne and Uncle Mike much sooner than we had hoped!

The weekend was pretty busy. To start it all off our friends the Schulers: Brian, Judy and Jaydon, drove up from their home near Hartford, CT to spend the weekend in Boston as well. On Friday night we met up with them and our friends Liz and Dennis for dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and then to Mike and Corinne's 30th Anniversary Chorallaries concert. It was really fun to see them singing up there again like old times. But man 10-250 feels a little different when you're sitting there with your baby strapped to you in a Moby wrape. Lily was a champ throughout the concert. She slept through most of it, but was startled awake a couple of times by all of the applause.

Mike and Corinne spent most of Saturday doing Chorallaries reunion stuff - but in the evening we reconvened with the Schulers for dinner at Sagra in Davis Square. Our friends Roberto and Sandra joing us for this as well. They brought a beautiful pink blanket that Sandra knit for Lily -it's so soft! On Sunday we got the whole gang back together for a brunch at our place. As luck would have it Dennis' wife Sarah gave birth to their second daughter Caroline that day. So as an extra special treat we all went to the hospital to visit them and welcome the newest member of our clan into the world. Yay Caroline! All in all it was a wonderful weekend. We're so glad that we got to see our favorite Washington State residents and get the whole gang together. Please come visit again soon!

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mmmm bananas!

Today Lily had her first solid food! Ok so it's actually the SECOND time we've tried giving her some - but it's the first time that she seemed to like it and get the hang of it. She had some rice cereal mixed with formula and some mashed up bannana. She's still got a bit of that tongue reflex going on, so eating solids isn't quite smooth sailing but she really seems to love the stuff. In fact after finishing the first bowl she had a mini-meltdown until Gordon brought her some more. She's deifnitely his daugher - this kid loves to eat. Lucky for her she's in a household that is happy to oblige by providing yummy and healthy food. Now if we can just ensure that she'll like vegetables - and keep liking them!

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