Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cheesy Eggs

Now that she's a pretty accomplished walker Lily's next focus seems to be learning to talk. She's been babbling quite a while now, but recently her babbling has become much more speech-like. Only problem is we can't understand a word of it. She loves to nod though - so generally her conversations are punctuated with lots of serious-looking nodding and some pointing. She likes to hold her index finger up like she's making an important point - it's great.

It seems that all this is now changing. Yesterday Lily said her for sure first word. She's said stuff in the past that sound like things - we thought we heard Lily, story, pants, Sarah, yellow etc - but it all seems like coincidence or just mimicry. However, yesterday we were in CT visiting our friends Judy, Jaydon and their dog Ellie. Lily was fascinated by Ellie - both enthralled and a little terrified. At one point Ellie was lying down a few feet away and Lily pointed at her and clearly said "doggie". "Doggie?" I repeated excitedly. "Doggie" she confirmed with a big proud grin on her face. So that's it - her first official word is Doggie.

I've been told that once the words start the just keeping coming. This morning Gordon was making her cheesy eggs - one of her favorite breakfasts. He said "do you want some cheesy eggs?" And she said "cheesy eggs", looked at us for confirmation and smiled. She and I spent the next few minutes just saying "cheesy" back and forth - it was so fun I was late for work.