Monday, July 7, 2008

Ocean Park Beach and Carousels

We spent our first full day here exploring the area around our house. Right down the street is Ocean Park Beach - complete with a beach, boardwalk, park, water park, mini golf and attractions for people lucky enough to be between 36 and 54 inches tall.

Gordon, Julia, Lily and I went and checked it out earlier in the day. It was before things were really hopping there, but we strolled along the boardwalk, played a little in the park and on the beach and ate some hamburgers and french fries. Then we tried out the carousel. These were Lily's first carousel rides and she thought it was a very good time. In fact, she cried when the ride stopped after her first one.

Swinging in the BIG Swing

Julia's Carousel Ride

Riding with Daddy

The afternoon found Andrew, Lily, Julia, Nate and I at the beach while Gordon and Tammy made us all a yummy dinner. I had to explain to a woman there that only ONE of these kids was actually mine - ha ha. Lily did more excavating in the sand while Nate and Julia swam out to the dock with Andrew. Thankfully Lily was happy playing in the sand, because playing in the ocean is more Daddy's job in our little family. Mommy's a "sit on the beach and read" type.

LOVE the outdoor shower

After dinner we all went back to the boardwalk together. There was some sort of 50's carnival going on complete with bouncy house, a hot dog eating contest and carnival games like "throw pie in that guys face for a laughs". We got in more rides for the kids and everyone had fried dough. Lily is having a blast discovering all the food we've endeavored to keep her from so far. Her face registered pure joy as she ate these mini chocolate cookies I procured from a bake sale table. Julia and Nate were excited when they played a little game and won coupons for free Mini-Melts which were promptly redeemed for yet another yummy snack.

Nate ready to blast off in a bee

I want to be TALLER!

mmmmm fried dough!

On a side note the trip has already left Lily with some new skills. She's got two new words: "Nate" and "ride". In classic Lily style she is uninterested in saying "Julia" but had Nate down the minute she got here. Last night as we put her to bed she was protesting and calling "Nate Nate Nate" in hopes that he would come rescue her. She has decided that sippy cups (including the brand new straw one that she loved for all of five days) are no fun and only wants to drink from big kid cups. She's even getting accustomed to sitting in big girl chairs instead of her fisher price booster.

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