Thursday, July 10, 2008

Early Morning Stroll

I haven't written TOO much (I don't think) about Lily's awesome sleep habits because 1) I'm superstitious and have been convinced that when the pacifier went away our entire world would collapse and 2) I'm worried that my parent-friends will hate us. We have been pacifier-free for nearly two weeks now, so I'm less worried about the "jinxing us" bit. I will continue to refrain from gloating however since I do want to keep my friends. I will say though that she surprised even us by continuing her champion sleeping on our vacation. Bedtime was later (due to all the fun we were having) and a little rockier (because who wants to sleep when there's all that fun to be had?), but we pretty much got to sleep until 8 or 8:30 AM every morning.

Except for Thursday - because I heard a thud somewhere in the house (well two) around 7AM and became convinced that something had befallen Lily. I'm not sure WHAT I though had happened (I had already removed the painting from the wall behind the pack and play that I was sure would crush her in her sleep one night). But I just had to peak in and see if she was still breathing. Of course that woke her up and she was not going to be talked into going back to sleep. So we got up.

I'm lucky that Gordon didn't just roll over and tell me to deal with the consequences of my behavior on my own (you know, you wake it, you take it!) Instead we threw on some acceptable strolling about clothes, put Lily in the Ergo and set out for a stroll along the beach. Gordon got to take some nice photos with the morning light and Lily was delighted when a beach ball just rolled up to us out of nowhere.

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