Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mystic and Fried Clams

[disclaimer: Clearly I fell behind on these vacation posts despite all efforts to the contrary. So I'm posting back in time here a bit - bear with me!]

Thursday afternoon the Holzes decided to go catch a showing of Wall-E while Lily was taking her afternoon nap. So Gordon and I lazed around the house doing a lot of nothing while Lily dozed. [Gordon sezs: Lazed around? I went for an awesome run, where I jogged to the next town, explored a wetland, rescued a lost theater critic, jogged a beach, climbed some rocks, forded an estuary, jogged another beach, swam out to the dock and basked in the sun!] Once she woke up we drove to Mystic to meet up with the rest of the gang for dinner. We walked around Mystic a little first and Tammy and I bought hats. Yay - turns out wearing a hat makes being out in the hot sun suck less. Wish we had figured that out a little earlier in the week! We ate fried clams for the second time that week at the Sea Swirl - a very yummy fried seafood and ice cream joint just down the street from downtown Mystic. If you get there give the fish 'n chips a try too - it's WICKED yummy.

This pic captures the bulk of Nate and Lily's interactions throughout the week. Nate was annoyed that she kept was touching his stroller, so Lily, of course, kept touching it. They could seriously pass for siblings.

Tammy trying on her cool new hat. The pics of me trying on my hat do not do my bad hat-wearing self justice, sorry.

The cuteness that is Mystic. The Holzes are strolling in the lower left corner.

Finally, we eat clams!

OK - photo caption contest - what is she thinking?

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