Thursday, July 10, 2008


Lily learned a few new words this week. I attribute a lot of that to hanging out with the "older kids" and experiencing some new stuff. One of my favorite new words is "Surprise!". She added this one to her repertoire during some backyard playtime. Gordon and Andrew built a "fort" from the beach towels that were hanging on the clothesline to dry. They have one of those clothesline "structures" there - looks kind of like a giant antenna, you know the kind? Anyway - turns out if you hang towels on all sides you get a nice fort. So Nate, Julia and Lily would all go hide inside and then jump out at us yelling Surprise! I was so delighted (and surprised!) when Lily came charging out yelling it after watching Nate and Julia.

Lily also liked just hanging out inside the fort. Gordon joined her in there for a while to catch some photographic evidence. I think I need to build forts in our living room. She seems to enjoy just hanging out in there... hmmmmm that could be nice!

After all the playing, we had a nice picnic lunch of yummy yummy leftovers in the backyard.

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