Saturday, January 27, 2007

Lily and Amber meet and raw fish abounds

Just about five years ago Gordon and I met through our friends Lindsay and Dave. Lindsay and I were dorm-mates and sorority sisters in college, and Dave and Gordon worked together for a short while. Oddly enough Dave and Lindsay welcomed their daughter Amber into the world just 18 days before Lily was born. So we like to joke that Amber and Lily are like sisters now. Dave & Lindsay left Boston to live in Manhattan for a while, but we got to see them for the first time since the girls were born for Jon & Michael's annual sushi night! There were babies, dogs and lots of yummy fish. We had a great time introducing Lily to Jon (shown feeding Lily below), Michael, Mike, Lynne, Lindsay and Dave. We really enjoyed meeting Amber and are so excited that Lily already has a playmate. Now if we can only convince them to move back to Boston....

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