Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Yesterday Lily gave me her first real smile. We've all suspected that she's been kind of smiling for a while now - a cute little upturn in her mouth, seemingly in reaction to something. But yesterday, after she ate, we were playing with some rattles and she suddenly broke into a real open-mouthed grin. It was awesome. I've gotten a few more out of her since, but it's not predictable enough to snap a picture yet. Now playtime is REALLY fun. On our trip to New Jersey we received some hand-me-down toys from Lily's cousins and the Holzes. So far my favorite are these little socks with rattles attached that Tammy gave us. Lily seems to enjoy having them on her feet while she kicks around. I promise to post a picture of our smiling girl as soon as I can capture it!

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