Thursday, January 4, 2007

chirps and gurgles

Wow, babies are noisy little creatures. Lily makes all kinds of noises, night and day.There's gurgling, burping, farting, grunting, chirping, yawning, sighs, breathing, wheezing, coughing, sneezing and of course crying.

Crying isn't all the same. There is the half-hearted, "I wish you would stop that" cry. There's the "I'm hungry, why aren't you feeding me" cry. Another frequent one is the "you put me down while I was sleeping and tried to abandon me!" cry. And finally, my personal favorite (favorite in the sense that I will do anything to make her stop) is the "Help! Help! These terrible people are making me take a bath. Pleeeeease, someone make them stop". Yup, that's a good one.

But the little chirps and sighs she makes while sleeping are the best. I think every newborn parent worries that something terrible is going to happen to their child while they are sleeping. Rational or not, you worry about this. Lily's little nocturnal noises let us know she is right there beside us and let us sleep just a bit better. Better in the sense of not lying awake worried ;)

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