Friday, December 29, 2006

grasping, looking and spitting up

Lily is changing so much every day, I've decided to post occasional notes. Everyone tells us that she will grow up super fast. Already we can see changes from day to day. I'm hoping these little blurbs will help us capture these changes.

Ok, so what super cute things did Lily do today? Well, she spit up on my foot for one thing. I was burping her while talking to Gabe via a video chat and more came up than just gas.

Lily's vision seems to be getting better day to day too. I don't know if her eyes are focusing better or if she is just starting to recognize stuff. I swear she looks at Becky and I. And if I hold her bottle in front of her, she opens her mouth. She'll actually stop fussing because she knows the bottle is here. Too cool. But the best thing is during 'tummy time' when she lays on your chest, if she is awake, she looks straight at your face with her gorgeous eyes.

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