Sunday, February 4, 2007

Superbowl Sunday!

Well thanks to the Colts Lily's first superbowl did NOT involve the Patriots - but we managed to have a good time with it anyway. Shawn & Liz (the Steelers fans pictured below) had a little get together and we all wore our favorite teams jerseys - unfortunately there were no Colts or Bears fans among us. Lily got some great Pats gear from cousin Kim, but it's still a little too big. So she wore her MIT onesie and red sox socks instead - gotta sport the local colors! In addition to watching the game Lily also got to meet Shawn and Liz and Dennis, Sarah and Abbe for the first time. Abbe is going to be a big sister soon and had lots of fun practicing that role on Lily - she's going to be super great at it!

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