Sunday, March 4, 2007

Potluck at Kara's

Many many moons ago I ran cross country in high school. I wasn't really a natural athlete, but got lucky and ended up on an excellent team with a really special group of women. I road their coattails to a state championship in 1990 (okay I helped a little, but really just a little) and we have remained close friends ever since. So here we are, seventeen years and eight new additions to our group later. The guy in the middle is our coach - yup he still likes hanging out with us too!

This little gathering was held in honor of Kara and her family - who were visiting us New Englanders from their new home in Tennessee. Word on the street is that they may be coming back this way - we would all love that. It was also the first time that we all got to meet the three newest babies: Tyler (July '06) , Samantha (November '06), and Lily (December '06). It's clear that they will all be fast friends in no time - says us.

Here we've got Tyler and his Mom, Sue; Samantha and her Auntie Meg, and George with his daughter Samantha and our Lily.

And finally, because they are both too cute for words.. here's Samantha and Lily!

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