Thursday, September 17, 2009

Quinn: 4 Months

OK so back to some regularly scheduled programming for a little while as things have calmed down around here a little. Dad is still in rehab, but doing well. He should be coming home sometime in the next week. But more on that in another post...

While all this crazy stuff has been going on Quinn has been quietly becoming another month older. Hard to believe our little baby is 4 months old. Heck, I'm still confused as to why I'm not pregnant any more (maybe it's time to give up those maternity shirts, hmmmm). Since we've been pretty occupied lately we missed really watching Q change over this month. We just sort of looked at him one day and were like "wow, you're a lot older now kiddo".

So, in bullet-list form, here are some notables from the past month:
  • he holds his head up like a champ now - yay for the "no more worrying about head control" thing

  • he can roll both directions, though only seems to do it when he really wants to. Stomach to back happens pretty effortlessly. I've seen him go back to stomach, but less frequently. Usually there needs to be some promise of milk involved - like when we're nursing lying in bed in the morning.

  • he's very into his hands. He'll often sit there and sort of play with them - holding one hand with the other. It's awfully cute, but also makes him look a bit worried, like he's wringing his hands. Seriously, what does a 4-month old have to worry about??

  • he laughs out loud and it's awesome. He laughs when you tickle his tummy, rub noses and when I sing certain silly songs to him - especially ones that involve his name, like:
    "I love Quinny, I love little Quinny, I love Quinny, he is super-cute!" (sung to the tune of Alouette)

  • he still spits up. a lot. mostly on me. the end.

  • he had his first ride in a baby swing at Lexington Park. Same swing as Lily's first ride - although this time we have no pictures. I promise to get there with Gordon soon to fix that.

  • he's catching up on the growth thing. At his 4 month appointment he was 13 lbs 11 oz and 25 inches long. That puts him in the 25th and 50th percentiles for weight and height, respectively. Go Q and Mommy!

  • he's become a pretty great night sleeper. Some nights we'll get 10-11 hours from him and he rarely has a night when he's up to eat more than once.

  • he's not such a great napper during the day - lots of cat naps, but rarely longer than 40 minutes at a pop. I am hoping this changes.

  • the swing has lost some of its magic, although the stroller and car are MUCH more acceptable now. He never cries in the stroller any more and is much much better in the car. Thank goodness.

  • his smile absolutely melts me - and most other people who witness it. He is a total flirt.

And now, some pictures (just for you Yeh-Yeh!)

Mommy's boy

My Jeh-Jeh loves me


mmmm this doll is tasty!

doing that hand thing I do

Dude, look at me hold up that head of mine!

Daddy likes to pose me

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