Saturday, September 19, 2009

L is for....

The other day I was explaining to Lily that she would be going to hang out with our neighbors across the street for an hour before Daddy got home (Q and I were heading to Braintree to see my Dad). She wanted to know if Rex, their oldest son, would be home. I told her that he would be home, but that he had some homework to do before he could play. We then had this conversation:

Lily: What's homework mommy?
Me: gives some explanation about how when she gets bigger and goes to a different school she'll learn reading, writing, spelling and math. Then she will have homework to do in these subjects after school.
Lily: I can spell already
Me: oh yeah?
Lily: yeah, I can spell Lily
Me: OK go ahead
Lily: L .... I ..... O..... N!

so I dunno - luck? Or has something stuck in her brain from Gordon's "chalkboard animal" sessions? ha!

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