Friday, September 25, 2009

Exersaucer Giggles

The other day I was home with Q and doing some closet-cleaning. So I popped him in the exersaucer right next to me and started entertaining him with songs and senseless pratter. He was having such a great time I had to grab the camera (aren't you proud of me, G?).

Mom, you're SO funny

Seriously, do that again

You're killing me over here!!

OK OK I'm pulling myself together

I'm so totally chill now

Aside from the total joy that is baby laughter it's nice that he's using the exersaucer now. He never was big into the bouncy chair and the swing has been losing its magic lately. Sometimes with Q it seems like he's just not really enjoying being in a baby's body. Every time he gets a little more mobility, picks up some new skills he's a much happier kid. The exersaucer lets him pretend he's standing for a while and he gets a pretty good view of what's going on around him. He also has access to a bunch of stuff he can cram in his mouth as well as that really fun noisey, spinny thing with the monkeys in it. It's the coolest.

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icarusz said...

Where is the video!!!
Thats a video moment if I ever heard of one.