Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Little R&R....

.... though not the kind you're thinking about - Reunions and Rehab! (but ugh - *I* could sure use some rest and relaxation - anyone want to watch the kids while we escape to an island somewhere?) This past Friday, 9/11, Dad was moved from Rhode Island Hospital to Braintree Rehabilitation. And although I appreciate EVERYTHING that was done for him at R.I.H. - if I never see that place again it'll be too soon. He had really awesome care there - I just got to know the waiting room outside the INCU a little better that I needed to. I was also pretty done with sandwiches from Au Bon Pain.

Since my last post earlier in the week, Dad had been improving steadily in the step-down unit at R.I.H. I was able to call his room and he would answer the phone. We could have real phone conversations - something that was nearly impossible just a week ago. My Mom brought him his cell phone and he was able to make calls out to us. I can't even begin to find words to express how awesome it was the first time my phone rang at home and he was on the other end. He had another swallow evaluation and passed this time - so the feeding tube was clamped off and he started eating real food again. Finally, the Foley catheter was removed as well.

Braintree Rehabilitation went into R.I.H. to evaluate him on Tuesday and by Thursday he had been approved for transfer there. He was transferred Friday afternoon, so our next visit with him was in his new setup. Our excitement about not having to shlep all of us to Providence/Fall River ever weekend anymore was slightly dampened by the 1.5 hours it took to drive the 18 miles from Somerville to Braintree that night. I was particularly insufferable on the drive because I was SO EXCITED to finally get to bring the kids to visit Papa for the first time since this all began.

Dad had been asking steadily for the kids and I felt awful about not bringing them to see him. At first I couldn't bring them into the INCU due to their rules. Then I was advised not to bring them to the step-down unit either because he was still being treated for the C. Diff. It wasn't until the move to Braintreee that he also got the "all clear" on the C. Diff. infection.

So after battling the Friday traffic out of Boston we eventually made it to Braintree and into Dad's room. He was so happy to see Lily and Quinn, and Lily was just as happy to see him. Q is still a little clueless in this area, but he smiled a lot. Here are some pics from their reunion. Sadly none of Quinn and Dad together, but I'll be sure to get one of those in the next few days - especially since they have matching hair-dos right now.

Saying hello

"Can I mess up Papa's hair?"

Best Buddies

Quinn was there too!

And Dad - well as you can see here - he looks terrific. He's anxious to get going with his rehab full force. He's had a few sessions, but not much since he got there on a weekend. Tomorrow begins the real deal and he's got a really great attitude about it all. He's looking better and better every time I see him walk and was able to do part of a crossword puzzle with me today. I'm so proud of how far he's come already. Feels surreal, but tomorrow it'll be one month since the SAH.


Anonymous said...

Wow, he really does look good. You'd never guess what an ordeal he's been through! Glad to see he's on the mend.

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