Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Quinn: 2 Months!

Holy Smokes - Quinn is two months old - actually two months and one week. I'm not entirely sure how that happened -where did the last two months go? I realized he was indeed growing when suddenly the newborn prefold diapers were no longer quite big enough and the Carter's NB-sized onesies became a challenge to snap closed. Everything just seems to be happening faster this time around. I guess it's because Lily is here, filling up the days with her 2-year old exuberance - it's like I blink and Quinn is bigger, older, different, yet again. I'm terrified that one day I'll look away to put on Lily's shoes and when I turn back Q will be dressing himself for his first day of kindergarten.

So far Quinn is a little guy. At his two month appointment he was 9lbs 10oz. He's been on the same growth curve since birth - so his rate of growth is totally fine. He's just little. He's around 9th percentile in weight, 14th percentile for head and 25th for height. I'm mostly just excited that we're nearly large enough so that I'll stop meeting 1-week olds who look like they could eat him!

My head is small, but oh so cute!

After 2 months of (somewhat) steady observation, here's what we know so far.


  • a nice leisurely meal: Q's not one to rush himself, he likes to take his time.
  • his jeh jeh (big sister): Q really enjoys smiling at Lily. I love when she yells from the back seat - "Mommy! Quinton's smiling at me!"
  • the 1812 Overture: Gordon hums this for him, while doing laps around the kitchen island to settle him down
  • the sound of our kitchen hood fan: a favorite trick of G's for settling him down to sleep
  • riding in the mei tai
  • the cradle swing: thanks Auntie Lindsay! (he's asleep in it right now...)
  • taking a bath: unlike Lily, Quinn really seems to enjoy this. Gordon thinks it's because he's got the temperature right now. Too bad we don't have time to give him more of these!
  • spitting up, especially on Mom: and for some reason I've developed a hole in my brain regarding the use of burp cloths. I never use them. Just this afternoon I tried to use one - put it on my left shoulder. But then got up and shifted Quinn to my right shoulder. THEN he spit up all over me. Dumb mommy or mischievous baby? You decide.
  • watching Mommy: lately his eyes are always on me, and it's adorable. Just today he was in the mei tai watching me with a beaming smile. It was so cute I went and grabbed the point and shoot to try to snap a picture. Totally backfired - the minute my face disappeared behind the camera he went to pieces.
  • being held: really Quinn's preferred state of being is in someone's arms - who can blame him?
  • Sleeping on my tummy: ugh I KNOW right? this one makes me crazy. But he SLEEPS, and just ugh!

I like Tummy Time


  • the carseat: and as far as I can tell riding in the car. Occasionally he'll tolerate it - or sleep through it - but usually he cries, the whole time. It's very sad and generally maddening. Our trip to NJ at the end of the month should be a real hoot.
  • the stroller: also, not a fan, see Likes: riding in mei tai and being held.
  • being squashed or otherwise abused by his jeh jeh: umm yeah - good times, that.
  • being interrupted during a meal: usually courtesy of his big sister
  • losing sight of Mommy: he seems to cry when I go out of his field of view now. It's kind of sweet, but also probably contributes to the car issue.

Things that don't impress me much:

  • vaccines: I was all nervous about vaccine day and Q - he didn't seem that affected. He sort of cried a bit and then was all, "whatever dude". Lily, she cried so much that *I* ended up in tears!
  • the bouncy chair: I wouldn't call it a dislike, but bouncy chair, Quinn is just not that into you

And... some more 2-month pictures!

With my Jeh Jeh

Why, hello Mr. Octopus!

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OK, Quinn's adorable..but also, What a BEAUTIFUL picture of Lily!