Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Ah summer - although we've had precious little of it around here so far... we DID manage to get in strawberry picking before the season came and went in a rainy blur. The day of the Strawberry Festival at Land Sake's farm in Weston turned out to be one of the few sunny breaks in an otherwise very wet and dreary June. So we jumped in the car and met our friends Hector and Jeanie and their son Grant. The weather was quite nice, not too hot and no rain!

Here's Jeanie, hard at work. She's a serious strawberry-picker:

for contrast, Becky, Quinn and Hector - hardly working

Lily got involved this year, proudly carrying around her own berry container - and eating the ends off of every one in there...

Grant took his job as Jeanie's QA quite seriously

Strawberry smiles

The two-handed strawberry carry

Oh look - another picture of me not picking anything. At least I'm carrying the baby around. (I did actually pick all those berries I'm carrying, I swear!)

Quinn sacked out in his favorite spot.

To top off the morning Lily got her first face painting. She requested a "blue smiley face".

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