Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Why's Have It

Ah the famous "why" stage. Looks like we're in it. And it's both infuriating and adorable at the same time. Lily has this cute way of making a statement and then adding why to the end - kind of like this:

Lily: "Mommy, you just dropped the spoon on the floor. WHY????"
Me: "Because I'm clumsy sometimes"
Lily: WHY????
Me: "Because I was born that way"
Lily: "WHY???"
Me: "I don't know, ask Grammy"

Lily: "Mommy, Quinton just spit up. WHY????"
Me: "Great question honey, let me know when you figure it out so I can curb the laundry problem around here"

Lily: "Mommy you forgot to get the CD from the car. WHY???
Me: Because I forget alot of things now
Lily: "WHY???"
Me: Because I have two kids
(this one is tied with "i don't know" for the "phrases I use most to end the whys" award)


When I was much much younger my Dad introduced me to an animated movie called The Point. Apparently my Dad's fraternity used to enjoy watching it. Reading the quote by Harry Nilsson on Wikipedia pretty much confirms Gordon's suspicion about what kind of activities may have accompanied viewing of this video, but I digress. Anyway, it's really a wonderful little story about a boy named Oblio who is the only person in the "land of Point" without a point on the top of his head. I loved the soundtrack as a kid and now Lily is really enjoying it too. It's currently the CD of choice in the car so we listen to it ALL THE TIME.

All in all it's a pretty short running album. There are a number of songs by Harry Nilsson with story narration in between. Just recently Lily's gotten really into the story part. She often calls out from the back seat with lots of questions about what's going on, like:
"Oblio has a pointed cap? WHY?"
"Arrow fell into a hole? WHY?"
"Oblio has no point? WHY?"
It's actually kind of fun as I get to explain more of the story to her.

A few days ago we were driving and listening to the Point. Gordon and I were talking about something, when we heard from the back seat:
"Mommy, they're (incomprehensible toddler-speak)? WHY?"
Try as I might I couldn't understand what she was asking - and I hadn't been paying attention to the CD so there was no figuring it out. Lily got really frustrated with me so I finally apologized and told her that I was talking to Daddy and didn't hear the CD so I couldn't answer her question.

Her response:
"Mommy, next time don't talk to Daddy! Listen to the CD!"
I smiled to myself and said OK.

The next day we were at the same spot in the CD and ended up in the same situation. I was talking to Gordon, missed the narration and couldn't answer her question. This time she got REALLY worked up:
"Mommy! Last night (Lily speak for anything in the past) I told you not to talk to Daddy. Listen to the CD, I said. WHY did you talk to Daddy? WHY?"
So, yeah - we're pretty much done for. She's already calling me out for stuff and keeping score. I had no answer to this one - all I could do was keep myself from laughing and apologize over and over again.

Eventually that part did come on again when she and I were alone in the car. Turns out she was asking me about the "winding path". I explained to her what winding meant and she seemed very satisfied, for a minute. Then she said something like:
"Last night you didn't listen to the CD again and I said don't talk to Daddy! So then you went back, but this part didn't come on again. WHY?"

I have a feeling it's going to take awhile to live this one down....

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Amy said...

They have memories like elephants. I often get from Lucy..."Mommy, remember the time when you made a mistake?" And then she describes whatever mistake it was.

There is something about the little ones not wanting us to talk to their Dads. I get, "Mommy, Daddy, SHHHHHHH, Don't Talk!" or..."GUYS....don't talk about FANCY things" (which means using vocabulary she is unfamiliar with).

Sounds like you have an inquisitive one there. Now I'm going to have to find The Point and check it out.