Saturday, August 8, 2009

Quinn: 3 Months

Well here we are already - 3 months old! It's the end of Harvey Karp's "4th trimester". And let me tell you - I DO hope that this means Quinn will start being more and more okay with a little less holding - cuz my arms are tired. At least he's been a very effective post-partum weight loss program. Turns out walking around with a 10+ lb weight strapped to your chest is not bad exercise.

Ah poor Quinn - such typical treatment for a second child. He's 3 months old and all I can come up with is "come on kid, stop being so needy!" It's funny - I feel like he's both growing up faster and slower than Lily. Faster in that I hardly remember the last three months, but slower in that he still seems like a total newborn to me - and he's THREE MONTHS OLD! Gordon and I were going through pictures of Lily last night and she seemed older-looking at the same age. I can't believe he's going to be moving out of the first set of clothes already.

He may be a little more work than Lily was - or than I remember her being - but he's also a really sweet little guy. I love love his smile - and he smiles at us all the time. He seems to really love Lily - he always has a big smile just for her. He does like to be held and played with when awake, but he's also been doing a great job sleeping lately. Just last night he went to bed at 8PM and didn't wake until 6AM! Getting naps to happen during the day had been pretty dicey, but just the past week that started improving too. He actually took 3 separate naps today - all in his co-sleeper and not in my arms or the mei tai! Fingers crossed that it's the start of routine and not just a fluke.

Now we JUST need to get this car thing worked out. He still hates it - a lot. And it makes going anywhere really really rough. Even the shortest trip upsets him. He cries, real tears, almost instantly. It's heartbreaking and nerve-wracking at the same time. I'm just really glad I haven't driven us into anything yet as a result.

Let's see.. what else... oh he does this really cute thing just before he burst into tears - he puffs out his lower lip in a very cute pout. He can consistently roll from tummy to back and has taken some swipes at toys when lying under the activity gym. He likes to sit in my lap and watch the world and really digs checking himself out in the mirror. He also enjoys passing gas - and does so frequently - with gusto - and lots of smiles.

OK here are some favorite photos from month three!

Checking out the world over Mom's shoulder

mmmmm food coma

Taking a snooze with Mommy

How cute am I with this tongue thing?

Working on my head control - awww yeah

I'm flying!

Sharing a laugh with Tammy

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