Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring Has Sprung

There is nothing quite like spring time in New England - at least for me. Every winter seems a little harder to bear than the last (maybe it's being stuck inside with a toddler?) - but the upside is that it makes spring that much more spectacular. I especially love it around here in Somervile because there are so many parks and places to be outside. It's great to see the other parents and kids finally emerging from hibernation as well - like a mini-reunion ever year.

It really started getting warmer towards the beginning of April, but we had a mini-summer spell a couple of weekends ago. My Mom was here at the beginning of it for a visit since she was on spring vacation from school. She came up on Thursday night and then on Friday she, Lily and I took a trip to the Stone Zoo. It was crazy crowded, but we still had a nice time. I have no pictures from that because Gordon wasn't there and I forgot the camera. Friday afternoon she babysat while I went to my appointment with a surgeon (more on that soon), and then in the evening we all went out to a park for a picnic. Gordon was there for that - so here we have - pictures of spring!

A tree in bloom at Prospect Hill Park

Grammy and Lily at the swing

Mommy's turn to push

Nothing beats Grammy Time

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