Monday, April 27, 2009

Easter at Home

Easter started at our house with a basket of goodies and an egg hunt. Lily wasn't super psyched about the Easter Bunny because .. um.... we sort of never mentioned him to her. But she was still pretty happy to see the basket and got totally into the egg hunting aspect. Our version of the Easter Bunny stuffs his eggs with such goodies as: kix cereal, goldfish (ooo decadent!), dried apricots and socks! Yes, we know how to have a rocking good time at our place. Lily was thrilled with the stuff in the eggs though. She was delighted to find goodies in there - and wow, is that kid a fan of dried apricots.

The Easter bunny did go a little overboard on the basket. It turns out once you start shopping for stuff it's too easy to keep buying more "little" things. So she had a number of books, a puzzle, a coloring book, some flash cards, chalk, a new Sigg water bottle and a few spring/summer outfits.

Discovering the Loot

The books were the biggest hit by far with this "Spot's First Easter" book being the big winner. Man she loves this book. We read it nearly every night. One day she decided that *I* was not to read the book, but instead she would read it to Doggie. While Doggie lifted all the flaps. And just so you know, when Doggie is lifting the flaps it can NOT look like you are at all helping Doggie in his endeavor.

What is it about this Spot Character Anyway?

Once we were done with the basket the hunt began in earnest. She got to search in both the living room and the playroom. Ah that tricky Easter Bunny. Here she is recovering an egg that horsey was hiding on her.

I can't believe I'm posting this last picture - because, hello, I look like death. But Lily looks adorable as usual, so here we go. I also like that you can see the big bowl of Kix cereal that she collected from her eggs.

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