Monday, April 27, 2009

Easter with Family

After our little Easter Egg hunt at home we piled in the car and headed to Fall River to celebrate with my family. We met my Mom at my Grandma's nursing home first. Really this whole post is just an excuse to post some of the pictures that were taken there. The light was particular good and Gordon got some great shots. Lily enjoyed looking at all the pictures in Vo-Vo's room and we enjoyed the opportunity to get a visit with Grams.

Me and Grandma

Lily and Vo-Vo

Four Generations

Lily and Grammy

After our visit we went back to my Mom's to meet Eric and Liza. Lily found more Easter goodies there. The next stop was cousin Gail's for dinner with Gail, Bev and Bev's family. I was slightly worried about Easter dinner because of my whole GD-diet restriction thing. But it turned out pretty okay for me. I got to enjoy pretty much everything (although I could have eaten 5 crescent rolls instead of the one tiny one I snuck in). I even got to have some of my Mom's yummy blueberry loaf cake as my afternoon snack with no adverse affect on my dinner sugar numbers - score! I may have had a few M&M's and some jellybeans on my way out - oooo decadant!

Easter Dinner in Action

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