Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Eggs

As usual Easter snuck up on us. It even came a little later this year - but still seemed to just appear out of nowhere. Despite the usual "lack of togetherness" we did manage to get some eggs colored (albeit the day before the actual holiday!). We had an extra treat because Uncle Justin was in town and he was at our house to help us out. As you can tell from the pictures below Lily is pretty enamored with Uncle Justin. For a few days after his visit she kept smiling and saying "Uncle Justin was laughing". And it's true - one of the best things about Panch is an easy smile and laugh. Kids are so perceptive.

Lily really enjoyed the egg coloring this year and got very hands on. She pretty much insisted on doing it and just plopped the eggs into the colors. I tried to get her to use the little wire egg-holder thingie, but she was unimpressed and much preferred her hands. We were able to color a dozen eggs with only one casualty - and even that one Gordon enjoyed snapping pictures of due to the cracked shell, mosaic effect.

Lily and Uncle Justin

Finally - a belly shot!


Ooo an orange one!

See hands work better

So pretty!

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