Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Voorhees 2009: Wrap-Up

The rest of our time in Voorhees passed too quickly as usual. Lily really enjoyed all the time with her cousins - it's so fun for us to watch them play together. I'm telling you now - these three are going to be trouble together. I can see it already. On our first night there, during the dinner the three of them suddenly disappeared. Then I heard Valora moving around chairs and stuff in the kitchen. Next thing we knew they were in the living room, huddled around a plate of Christmas chocolates wrapped in cellophane. Lily was holding a pair of scissors (procured for her by Valora) and was stabbing through the cellophane while Valora and Sera looked on encouragingly. I'm pretty sure this scene is just a precursor to what is to come. Valora, having a couple of years on the other two, will be the idea-man. Sera will be the quiet co-conspirator and lookout. Lily will be tasked with execution - boldly going where no man has gone before. I fully expect to have to find them driving around in one of our cars in the middle of the night in about 10 years. Lily will be at the wheel of course. Maybe Sera will work the pedals while Valora shouts instructions! (Que, perhaps you shouldn't read this part out loud to the girls - no reason to give them ideas!)

We spent a lot of time just hanging out and enjoying family time. Gordon and MaMa spent a morning at the local children's museum with Lily and Sera one day. We ate lots of yummy food and even got to enjoy some time in the backyard. It was a pretty mild weekend. I even got to lounge around on the couch and catch up on blogging a fair amount. On Monday night, we had a little birthday celebration. December is a busy birthday month for us - we've got Gordon on the 8th, MaMa on the 12th and then Lily on the 22nd! So Gabe and Que got a yummy cake for all of them:

Lily enjoyed blowing out the candles and "helping" MaMa cut and eat it!

Our last day there was Tuesday, and we set up Gordon's new tripod to attempt a family portrait. We had varying levels of success with that endeavor. Anyone with kids know how hard it is to get one of them to sit and smile for a photo - never mind three. Note that Lily is standing in the back with her Daddy - she refused to go sit in her spot on the couch with MaMa and BaBa and the girls.

The goofy-face photo

The best of the bunch

Valora and Daddy

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