Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

At Christmas last year Lily received a super-cute raincoat and umbrella set from Andrew, Tammy, Julia and Nate. Actually that may have been her birthday gift, but the days are so close I get confused. Anyway, she's outgrown the raincoat by now, but is REALLY loving the umbrella. I can't believe how much she digs it carrying it around. We even had to relocate it to the laundry room once because she kept trying to dragging it around the house and trying to open it up inside. It seems that one session of "no more umbrella" seems to have cured that though.

Now, if it's raining outside, the first thing she does is rushes to its home by the front door and asks to use her umbrella. She's adorable carrying it. She gets really serious, uses two hands and walks very slowly. The slow pace is mostly because it covers her head entirely and she can't really see. So there's just this giant walking butterfly heading down the sidewalk. The other day (okay sometime in November) it was raining, so Gordon let her get all dressed up in her raincoat and boots (another favorite) and take her umbrella out to the front deck. Here are some pictures so you can judge the cuteness for yourself!

Thanks Holzes for another much-loved present. While on this topic... Lily also loves her rain boots and will often put them on just to walk around the house. If I mistakenly call them shoes, as in "take your shoes off while we're inside". She'll look at me very seriously and say "No mommy, not shoes, BOOTS!" Apparently I have much to learn.

She also likes singing "rain rain go away" when it's raining outside. They must sing it at day care because later on the song goes "Mimi's kids want to play" Then she names all of her day care friends. It's pretty darn cute.

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