Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Cookies

One of our holiday activities this year was a cookie-making night with our friends Lisa, Sofia and Rick. I was unsure how such an endeavor would go over with 2 2-year olds - but it was really a great time. I prepped by making both the chocolate crinkle and the sugar cookie dough a couple of days before. Then the only things left to do with the girls was roll the chocolate crinkles in powdered sugar and roll and cut out the sugar cookies. Lily and Sofia were both really into the activities and very skilled. The chocolate-crinkle part was my favorite. Sure, the dining room was covered in powdered sugar (see evidence below) - but Lily was totally awesome at the job. I couldn't keep the little balls of chocolate dough coming fast enough for her. She would get ahead of me and be all "another ball? another ball? more? more?". What a slave driver!

For those interested, the chocolate crinkle recipe came from Corinne. I can post that here later, if anyone is interested. The sugar cookies I found at Simply Recipes. I used recipe #2 from here and they came out really great.

Here is the night in photos for your enjoyment.

The chocolate crinkles in progress

Sofia, showing off her sugar-coated hands

The ymmy end result

Next (after a brief clean-up session) we started on the sugar cookies. First we had to roll out the dough:

Then there was cutting:

At this point we had run out of time and energy so we got the sugar cookies in the oven and chowed down on some Cafe Rossini pizza (mmmm). The next morning Lily and Daddy finished up by icing the sugar cookies:

Prepping the icing

The artist at work


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