Monday, January 5, 2009


Well folks, yesterday marked 20 weeks along. I can't even believe it. 20 weeks - that's like HALFWAY. That means in the time it took me to get here from when I peed on that stick (well minus the 2 *bonus* weeks you get in the beginning) we will have a whole new person living with us. I can't even wrap my mind around that - AT ALL.

I'm also totally amazed at how still not pregnant I feel. I've even got a few pairs of normal pants that I can still wear and a few more that fit just fine unbuttoned with a bella band to keep them up. I'm using those puppies much more this time than I ever did with Lily. I actually NEED them on the maternity pants or they just fall right down. I don't get it - wasn't I bigger at this point already? Or is the development in the first half just more internal than I remember. How can my memory be this bad? it was only 2 years ago!

My co-existence with baby #2 continues to be completely different from what it was like to share a body with Lily. Most notably is my relationship with food. I just want to eat it - all the time - as much as possible. When someone puts food out I immediately begin portioning it out in my head and worrying about if there will be enough for me to eat my fill. I'm just completely gluttonous. Part of this might be due to the fact that Lily has decided that the only food she wants is the food on my plate. Then she loves to talk about how she's starving me. "I eat all of Mommy's hash" she proudly proclaimed after our stop at O'Rouke's diner in Middletown yesterday. Today she wanted my egg sandwich for lunch - after eating her own grilled cheese, apple and edamame. I even offered her an egg for lunch and she turned it down proclaiming "grilled cheese SANDWICH". But then when she saw my egg: "I want that Moommy". Does anyone else think this is some evil plan of hers to sabotage poor Baby Koi? (Mike, I'm trying out your nickname here for the first time...). Anyway, when pregnant with Lily I was nauseous for so long that my relationship with food totally broke. I worried I would never enjoy eating again. Well let me tell you - that worry was unfounded. Because now, I will eat anything - and in large quantities. Ugh.. I'm making myself hungry....

Other than being ravenous I feel pretty great. The MG seems to have calmed down quite a bit - I hardly notice it again. I had a little brush with gestational diabetes that involved being stuck with a bunch of needles to take a 3hr glucose test. But thankfully I passed that and can keep eating pretty much whatever I want. The thought of having to restrict my diet nearly sent me over the edge. I am not good at that kind of thing. My plan going forward is to just substitute an egg for my usual breakfast of cereal, fruit and juice on the days I see my doctor. That should take care of the tests that keep concerning them.

We went for our "big ultrasound" (also called the "fetal survey") on Lily's birthday. Gordon wanted to be there too, so Lily came along with us. She did very well considering that it takes quite a while. She was a little concerned at what was being done to me and wanted to know the ultrasound tech's name. Now, whenever she sees the ultrasound pics she says "Mommy and Nancy". It's fascinating to watch her process what's going on.

We came REALLY close to finding out the sex of the baby. When the tech, Nancy, asked us if we wanted to know Gordon said yes and I said no! I told him he could find out and I would close my eyes, but he said he didn't want to know all that badly so he passed. Since I'm high-risk I do get a few more ultrasounds, so we could change our mind in the future. For now, I'm enjoying letting Baby Koi tell us who s/he is at his/her own pace.

Nancy managed to get some really cool ultrasound shots. So without further babbling - here there are. First, we've got a really cool profile shot:

This one's my personal favorite - Hi Baby Koi!

Here it looks like Baby K is giving us some real attitude. However it's just his/her two feet - the right foot is behind the left and oriented "into the page".

Apparently our hospital got a 3D ultrasoudnd machine sometime in the past 2.5 years. So we got to check out some 3D views. They're a little creepy looking, but pretty neat. Here you can see him/her engaging in some thumb sucking:

For those of you who like playing the gender game - Baby Koi's heart rate at this visit was 153. My Mom is convinced that we're having a boy - but she was last time too, so I'm not sure how much stock I want to put in that. Personally, I don't have a strong feeling either way. I usually assume boys because boys kind of scare me. So I figure if I'm ready for a boy and it's a girl I'll be okay. It's not that I don't WANT a boy - I'm just not 100% what to DO with one. At any rate, I'm still feeling like this pregnancy is a bit surreal, but looking at these pics make me anxious for Baby K to get out here so I can give him/her a BIG cuddle!

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