Sunday, October 10, 2010

HONK! 2010

Every year I mean to write about the HONK! festival here in Somerville and every year I seem to fail.  But this year - I'm doing it because really - it's one of my FAVORITE things about Somerville (hmm I bet I say that about a lot of things...)  But really - it's the bomb.  Just imagine a whole slew of "activist street bands" from all over the country and the world descending on Davis Square during some of the best weather of the year and you have HONK!.    From Friday to Sunday the square is completely alive with the sounds of horns and drums and the sights of unicycles and colorful costumes and people dancing on stilts and men in tutus with tubas.    I'll never be able to really do it justice, so you can read about it more at their official home on the internet.

This year as the 5th year for the festival.  Gordon and I discovered it quite by accident three years ago when his parents were here for the weekend and we got a chance to sneak out for some dinner and later drinks in Davis.  When we got to Davis there were people everyone and amazing bands on every corner.  We had no idea what was going on, but had a great time talking it all in.  Then on Sunday we ran into the HONK! parade driving home from apple picking.  So last year we got to the square for a little while to enjoy the music, but made a special effort to catch the whole parade.  And let me tell you - the parade is quite the spectacle.

This year we were lucky enough to get a visit from the Holzes the same weekend as the festival.  Lily and I made it up there Saturday to picnic and watch a little of the kick-off.  Then later that day we took a walk up with the Holzes soon after they arrived.  We were heading up the bike path and could hear the bands already from some distance away.  Quinn was completely tuned into it already - stopping to sign and say "more more" anytime there was a break between songs.

We had dinner at Flatbread and then spent a while listening to more bands and dancing.  The kids had such a fabulous time.  I thought Quinn was going to explode with happiness.  At the end of a set he'd turn to me looking forlorn and make the more sign expectantly.  He didn't seem to understand why I couldn't keep an endless stream of music going for him all night.  At some point we made our way back home, reluctantly leaving the music behind.

But Sunday we went back out for the parade.  We had great seats on the corner of Elm and Russell where we met some friends, ate some lunch (yeah that's an Anna's quesadilla in my hands... mmmm) and took in more of the sights and sounds of HONK!.  The pictures don't quite do it justice, but hopefully you'll get a feel for the awesomeness.
Watching with friends 

Serious fans 

Bye HONK!  We already can't wait for next year.  Thanks to all the bands for giving us a great show, as always.

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