Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Obligatory Pumpkin Patch Pictures

Taking photos of your kids in pumpkin patches - it's just one of those things that you have to DO if you live in New England.   I'm not sure where the rule is written down, but somehow parents all over NE know that as soon as the weather gets a little chilly and the kids start talking about Halloween costumes it is time to get yourselves to a pumpkin patch.

This year we found ourselves in North Conway, NH with some time to kill so we decided to grab life by the horns and find a pumpkin patch.  We had spent the weekend there with my brother, Liza and the Schulers for a visit to Storyland.  I promise that there will be a post on that too - but I've got plans for that post - plans that require a little work on my part first.  SO for today - you can see pictures of the pumpkin patch visit.

Eric and Liza left early on Sunday, but we hung out with the Schulers to do some hiking and eat cider donuts.  We ended up at Sherman Farms - a nice little farm that left us feeling a little like city folks who had just been taken for quite the ride.  (The description of "agritainment" on the website probably should have tipped us off, but we weren't feeling all that picky)  They did have a hayride out to a pumpkin patch.    So here you go!  (Sadly Gordon didn't make his way into any of these - bad form on my part!)

There were also goats and pigs to pet.  Quinn was so into the animals - the goats both fascinated and scared the crap out of him.  He'd get all up close and then once a goat made so much as a move in his direction he'd run away panicked.  One time he turned so fast he ran smack into the pole that held up the little "goat feed" dispenser.  Ouch.  They had a ginormous corn maze that took hours to traverse, so we skipped that in favor of the mini-maze which was just the right size for us. It's funny how the corn sort of looks like bamboo - especially in the picture of Quinn.

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