Friday, November 26, 2010

Memory Walk 2010

"Reggie's Runners" 2010

This year we decided to do the Memory Walk in Newport, RI instead of Portsmouth.  We were hoping to get the whole gang to walk this time, but as usual our efforts were thwarted.  My poor Mom ended up with a terrible case of pneumonia that landed her in the hospital for over 2 weeks!  The Walk was during the first weekend of her hospital stay.  So we had to split up the team - Eric and Liza stayed behind to keep Mom company at the hospital while the my Dad and the rest of us went to Newport to walk with Lisa, Eric and Victoria. 

While we were more than a bit bummed not to have everyone together as planned, we still had a great walk and enjoyed the time thinking about Grams.  The kids were completely psyched to see Victoria, as always.  She had even made Memory Walk shirts for Lily and Quinn since the ones that they gave out didn't come in children's sizes.

Hanging out with cousin Victoria

Showing off the fabulous "Reggie's Runners" shirts

Thank you to all who supported our team - we raised over $500 by the online tally and potentially more if folks supported the old-fashioned way.  I love that we come together to do this in Gram's name every year.  Miss you Grams!

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