Monday, March 29, 2010

Winter in North Conway

A few weekends ago - okay well back at the beginning of March - we went up to North Conway for a nice little long weekend with some of our Somerville friends. There were 3 families: 6 adults, 4 little girls and 2 baby boys. We stayed in a really great condo situated very close to town.

The weather was awesome and we had a great time. The guys got in one full day of skiing at Bretton Woods, the little girls got to do lots of playing outside and even tried out cross-country skiing, the moms got to tool around on snowmobiles for a couple of hours and the babies had fun checking each other out and getting lots of attention.

The only disappointment was that the hot tub wasn't working. We drowned our sorrows about that in champagne and limoncello after the kiddies were all tucked in to bed. A great time was had by all and my belief in the "fun family vacation with children under 5" was renewed. It was such fun that I'm even looking forward to maybe getting on downhill skis next year so I can ski with Lily. And if you know me at all - and my aversion to winter sports - you know that's really saying something.

Gordon - as usual - did a great job photographing, and catering, the weekend. Here are some of my favorite shots.
Bedtime Stories

Baby Wyatt

Daddy and Lily Skiing

Ella and Zoe getting a ride

Intrepid Explorers, Surly Baby, Unflappable Dad

Ella and Lily ham it up

Oh AND a video of Lily doing the cross-country thing. I was at home with Quinn, Kristi and Wyatt so I was extra glad that Gordon caught her in action for me. I'm so proud of how she falls, gets up all by herself and keeps on going. LOVE IT!

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