Monday, March 8, 2010

On The Move

[yeah so I know today is Q's 10-month-day, but as usual I am behind.  So don't worry Q, I haven't forgotten - it's coming....]

Well Quinn is officially on the move - and boy is he ever.  I can't say exactly when it started - his transition from stationary to "OMG all over the place" was kind of gradual.  He started out army crawling and got really really good at that.  Now he's mixing it up with some traditional "hands and knees" crawling, but still seems to prefer the on-belly method.  I don't know if it's our hardwood floors or the lack of traction from his clothes, but he can really move faster on his stomach.  It looks like he's swimming through our condo. 

I do however happen to have video (complete with annoying commentary from me) from the first day we saw him "hand and knees" crawl for any suspended length of time.  The video comes courtesy of Auntie Lindsay, because she is MUCH better at this whole "actually having a camera on hand to capture this stuff" thing.

But then somehow, over the past week or so he's left behind the baby who can kind of move when he wants and has become a baby who is everywhere all the time.  He pulls up to standing now effortlessly.  Diaper changes are a full-contact sport.  The minute I put him down on his back to change him he begins protesting loudly, turns over and stands up on the changing table, using my hair to steady him on his way up.  Then he sort of throws his arms around my head and laughs maniacally triumphantly.  Seriously, it's really hard to change him - in a way I don't recall having experienced with his sister.  When I dress him I generally have to put him on the floor and sort of follow him around with the pieces of his outfit in my hands hoping to catch an arm, a leg, a head. 

Just today he seems to have discovered how much fun it is to "undo".  He gets in the playroom, pulls himself up at the shelves and just starts emptying the of all their contents.  He got into the bookshelves today as well.  I caught him looking through our binder of wedding proofs with great interest. 

And hey - here's something that's even more fun than a mobile, active baby - a mobile, active, baby who is still spitting up fairly often!  Now when he spits up I have to do my best to keep him from crawling through it while I run to get the wipes.  Then once I have the wipes the game is to wipe up the spit-up before he crawls through it on his way to pulling all of the wipes out of the container. 

Also  - I fished three - THREE - rocks out of his mouth today at the playground.  Because he still wants to eat everything and now that he can GET to everything - the world is literally his oyster - no horseradish necessary, but he'll take it if you have it.

Seriously, I'm exhausted just looking at him, or thinking about it, or writing this post.   So now I'm off to bed.  Anyone want to take bets on weather or not we have to childproof more thoroughly than we did with Lily?

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