Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Quinn: 10 Months

Boy did this tenth month go by fast - and TEN MONTHS! WHAT??? I'm still marveling at the fact that there's a baby in our house and you know what - he's hardly a baby anymore! It seems like a LOT has happened for our little Q this month. It's been a big one in terms of milestones and personality.

He's completely and totally on the go now. I can't take my eyes away for a minute and have him not be into something. He pulls books off shelves,carries around a toy pan banging it noisily against anything in sight, turns over wastebaskets, empties wipes containers, dumps toys all over the floor. He is army-crawling, hands-and-knees crawling, standing, cruising - whatever it takes to get him over to that thing that caught his eye fastest. He is busy.

Too busy for pictures

He's chatty. He has a ton to say. He's got this really cute voice that he uses sometimes - usually when he's trying to get to more food. He really seems to be mimicking words. I swear I've heard him say "hi", "yes", "yeah" - not in context, but just after I say it. He says "Dada" and "mamamamama" He babbles consonants in all the ways that Lily never really did - she just wasn't a babbler. He yells to get our attention. He laughs easily and often and it's contagious.

Meet my friend Wyatt

One of his favorite games is to call out to get my attention when he's done nursing and I'm busy writing an email, reading a blog or checking facebook. When he succeeds in distracting me I look down at him and make the same sound back. It totally cracks him up and then I crack up too - and that just makes him laugh more. He also likes playing the "thank you" game. He has an object, he gives it to me, I say "THANK YOU!" and then give it back to him. Repeat. A lot.

He loves to eat and is in that awesome stage when he eats everything in sight. It's so satisfying to give him food and watch him devour it gleefully. He eats: hummus, broccoli, cauliflower, pasta, pork, beef, duck, waffles, cheerios, pancakes, yogurt, blueberries, grapes, pear. I'm sure this is not a complete list. I'm also sure he won't eat half of that in another year's time (although I hold out hope).

nom nom nom broccoli!

He loves oranges - LOVES ORANGES. The first time he had one was in Chinatown at our Chinese New Year dinner. He accidentally dropped it and then did that thing that babies do when they hold their breaths before crying. But he held his a LONG time -his lips started turning blue. It was nuts. I've only seen babies do that when they're physically HURT. Not Q - he pulls out all the stops over a damn orange. He pulled the same stunt a couple of weeks later at home when he found that he had eaten all of his orange and there was no more.

Don't mess with my orange

He loves to be outside. He likes the wind and enjoys cool air. He loves the swing. He throws up his arm and laughs and laughs while he's swinging.

or think about taking me out of this swing

I think he's devastatingly adorable. He's got me totally wrapped around his finger. I love his open-mouthed kisses on my face after work. I love how he tries to play past bedtime - standing up in his crib and calling out to me happily. I love how he won't stay still for a diaper change, choosing to stand on the table instead and grab onto my hair yelling triumphantly (okay this also frustrates the heck out of me - but I can't stay annoyed very long). I love how happy he seems all the time. I love watching him with Lily - watching him adore her. I love listening to him talk to her or laugh when she's being silly. I love how well he's growing into his place in our family. It's hard to believe that he's only been here for ten short months, hard to imagine our lives before he was a part of them.

Happy 10-Month-Day Baby Boy!

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