Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Quinn: 6 Months

Three days ago Quinn hit the 6-month mark. I'm still not sure how that happened. It feels monumental - he's halfway through his first year now and SO much happens in that second half. It's hard to believe that soon our little guy will be working on crawling and walking and then will become a toddler... OK OK I'm getting ahead of ourselves... but he just got here SO QUICKLY!

Six months also means that I'll be heading back to work. Soon. Like in 1.5 weeks. I have many emotions about going back. Part of me is relieved to be getting some solid blocks of adult time back - especially since Quinn still hasn't gotten the hang of the "napping for longer than 45 minutes" thing. I'm looking forward to having a chance to just be inside my own head for a little while everyday and to use my brain again. I'm also afraid that my brain no longer works. But I think most of all I'm not sure how I'm going to deal with missing Quinn. We've been quite literally attached at the hip since he was born. It's going to be very weird to spend such large chunks of my day without him.

So! instead of thinking about that - let's talk about what's been happening for Q in the last month.

  • He's been making up for lost time with Papa


  • He's started eating solid food - and boy is he a fan! So far he's had: rice cereal, oatmeal, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, avocado, prunes and pear. He was lukewarm on the avocado and the prunes gave him hives instantly. Everything else he's loved.


  • He went to his first "big kids birthday party" for a friend of Lily's. He is so so so into his big sister. I'm pretty sure if she could lactate he'd forget about me altogether. I've noticed that he's a little crankier when Lily's in school and brightens up as soon as we go get her. The louder and crazier she acts around him, the happier he is. He loves it when she sings to him. She loves making him laugh.


  • He's logged some good swing time at the parks thanks to some very pleasant fall weather and the awesome new park near us. [although the photo below was taken at Lexington Park - an old favorite]


  • He's still a big fan of the Exersaucer and has chosen some favorite toys. Shown here is his rattle giraffe. He likes to eat him. But really, he likes to eat all of his toys. His latest favorite is a small T-Rex stuffy he got from our friends Robin, Jeff, Cybele and Jake. Gordon enjoys the irony found in a little baby eating a T-Rex.


  • He's becoming really talky. He makes tons of adorable noises. He'll take little breaks from nursing to look up at me and tell me something. Then goes back to the task at hand - filling his belly. He talks with Lily. One morning they both woke up around 7 and were content to hang out in their room together just "talking" back and forth. Lily even moved to the foot of her bed so she could be closer to him.

  • He can very nearly sit up on his own. He does it for pretty long stretches, but still topples over eventually. The picture here was taken on his 6-month birthday. This new skill is serving him well in his tower-toppling exercises. He is no longer as susceptible to injury due to mommy-spaciness.


  • His sleeping habits are largely the same. He's had some nights that have been not so good, but has lately settled into a pretty consistent "bed at 7, eat at 3, wake at 6:30" routine. He goes to bed really easily at night now. He still naps in 30-45 minute chunks. Although one day last week he took a 2 hour nap in the afternoon. I am still hopeful that it was a preview to what is to come. He has not done it again since - yet. Do not laugh at my optimism.

  • He tightens his hold on our hearts more and more with each passing day. Gordon and I both love making him laugh. We love being the lucky recipient of his smiles. We love listening to him coo at us to get our attention. We feel so lucky and so blessed to have this little baby boy in our lives. Our family feels that much more complete now.


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