Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Despite our troubles trying to cloth diaper Lily - we've been successfully using cloth with Quinn for - well 6 months now. It helps that we got a bunch of hand-me downs from our friends (thanks Sandra and Vita!) and that The Diaper Lab moved just a couple of blocks down the street from us.

I've been wanting to write this big old post about our cloth diapering experience with Quinn - but it just hasn't happened. And I think part of the reason is that it really hasn't been a big deal. We haven't really settled on a diaper "system" with him - we've just gone with whatever we've been given. He's usually in pre-folds - from Green Mountain - courtesy of Sandra and Roberto. We also got some Thirsties Fab Fitteds handed down from Rocket and we love them. So much that Q is still wearing the XS size even though - ummm he's really a small now. Given that we live so close to The Diaper Lab I find myself wandering in there every couple of weeks and picking up a diaper to try out. I just got a cool new Baby Kicks fitted for over-night that I'm psyched about.

Right now, he's at the edge of busting out of the small pre-folds so we're at a decision point as to what to do next. We'll probably end up getting some more pre-folds and maybe buying some fitteds too because they are really easy for diapering on the go. The real test will be his family day care. Kathy is totally willing to use cloth - but I need to be willing to keep up with the laundry when I'm working again. Stay tuned!

Anyway, the reason i'm finally writing this is that on the spur of the moment I entered some pictures of Q in the Diaper Lab photo contest. One of them was chosen as a finalist in the "people's choice" competition. He's pretty much getting trounced, but if you have a sec head over there and vote for him! Do it now though, because today's the last day (yeah, go me for getting the word out huh? ha ha). No matter what I think he's totally the cutest cloth-diapered baby in Somerville!

For fun, here are the photos of Q looking quite fab in his Thirsties (okay well really Rocket's Thirsties....) The first photo is the one that was chosen for the contest.

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