Thursday, October 22, 2009

The New Albion Park

One of the many things I love about Somerville is the city's commitment to making it a nice place to live for families. One way in which they do that is by keeping up wit the many many parks. When we moved in there were two really nice toddler parks within walking distance of us and one run-down sketchy one. The sketchy one is on the next street over, Albion street. It had old, falling-down climbing structures and had become a place more suitable for scoring some weekend fun and not so full of frolicking toddlers.

Well this spring the city started renovating the park. There were neighborhood planning meetings and design proposals. Lots of feedback was given and heard - and the results are AWESOME. We are so excited about this really cool new park right in our neighborhood. Now it's not only the closest park to us - it's also the coolest. There are two neat new climbing structures - one with rock climbing holds - a big splash pad area, a hill for rolling, stone bleacher-type steps for sitting, a community garden area, a cool see-saw, swings....

It just opened up a few weeks ago, and thanks to some nice fall weather we've been there a number of times. Gordon brought his camera on one of the trips and got some photos. The pictures are more of Lily though - so they don't do the park justice. We'll get more of the park itself I'm sure - we plan to spend a lot of time there!

Rope climby-thing in toddler section

the design reminds me of erector sets

hanging on the older kids gym

look! they have swings too!

and a great hill for rolling

and rolling and rolling

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