Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Our Little Engineer

A while ago Lily came into the possession of a little flashlight that a friend's company was giving away as SWAG at a career fair. It's this little thing that fits in your palm and you can "charge" it up by pushing a little lever to get light. Anyway she played with it and then one day it disappeared into my diaper bag never to be seen again.

Until she was put in time-out in a chair right next to the diaper bag. I should have become suspicious when she suddenly stopped complaining. Always the opportunist, she had decided to use the time-out as a chance to peruse the contents of the bag and found the flashlight. It quickly became a "new" favorite toy for the day and followed us to dim sum with Ma Ma and Yeh Yeh.

On the way back into the house later that afternoon the flashlight fell - and being SWAG -broke into a number of pieces. She was pretty bummed, but kept saying that she wanted to fix it. Gordon explained that it couldn't be fixed (plastic seams had come apart and couldn't be snapped back together). She responded with "well, I'll just try very very hard then".

So not wanting to deter her Gordon laid out all the pieces on our dining room table and let her have it. Then he took pictures. And wow - she got really into it. The flashlight was of course never fixed - but Lily had a great time figuring out how it went together and trying "very very hard". We may have to keep the screwdrivers locked safely away for many years or risk coming home one day to find our computers in pieces in the living room. (because, yeah, we leave Lily home alone with sharp pointy objects regularly)

Taking Stock

Careful Examination

Please, no distractions!

Ah! There's the Do-hicky!

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Amy said...

I really see her Mommy in her face in these photos. So cute, and you should be so proud that she likes to try hard, we are trying to instill that value at our home.