Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I'm always looking for things to do with Lily on our days home together. I'm just not a Mom who can make a day at home into a jam-packed day of activities and entertainment - I lack the creatvity required. So when a friend of mine told me about a new art class that her friend was launching for 2-3 year olds I was all "sign us up!".

We took Annie and Erin's "KidArt" class the first time it was offered in the winter and liked it so much that we signed up again for the spring series. Since the kids are only 2 it's more of an art experience than a real class. It's held in a really cute room in a church right outside of Davis Square. Annie and Erin provide all the supplies and creativity. The kids pretty much then just explore and create whatever they want for an hour. There are always three stations set up: an easel with paints and fun materials to paint on, a play-dough table and a special project table that changes each week. At the end of class Annie reads some stories and does a little good-bye song with everyone.

Lily was always shy when we first got to class, but warmed up quickly and really enjoyed it. She gets to every station, but definitely enjoys the play dough quite a bit. Her absolute favorite was the combination of play dough and smooth rocks. It was difficult to convince her it wasn't good sharing to hoarde collect all the rocks for herself.

For the spring class we were able to sign up with my friend Diana and her two girls, Lily and Sylvie. When I signed up I thought I'd get through at least the first 4 sessions before Baby Koi arrived - and then Gordon would be home to take Lily to the last two. But of course Quinn had other plans and Lily and I only made it to two classes before we became a family of four. Gordon took her to the first class after Quinn arrived alone, but I was able to venture out with them the following week. Since we had two adults at that class Gordon was able to take his camera and play photographer.

First, the easel station:

Lily hard at work

Taking a break to pose with Eve

Then, some play dough:

Learning "cookie" cutting from Eve and Miss Annie


Slyvie getting her hand dirty

If it's not messy it's not fun!

The last two classes were some of my first outings alone with the two kids. And.. well that's fodder for another post because, yeah, that's hard. Sadly the classes are all done now, but we had such a great time. Thank you so much Miss Annie and Miss Erin!

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