Wednesday, June 17, 2009

All Smiles

Today Wednesday I got a big old smile from Mr. Quinn. I'm not sure that it's his first - I swear I've seen others from him over the past two weeks - but there was no mistaking this one. The others had been kind of small, a little tentative. All in response to me talking and smiling at him, but I just wasn't sure. But today Wednesday.... I was holding him and talking to him and he was watching me. I stopped talking for a second (yeah, it does happen) and suddenly his face broke out in a big gummy smile. The kind that gets the whole face involved and reaches your eyes. Maybe he was smiling because I had finally stopped my incessant babbling.... Of course I don't have a picture of it.. but I'm sure we'll have ample opportunities to catch his smile on camera soon.

[And since I'm finishing this post days after I started I'm happy to report that Q has continued to dazzle me with smiles. He even turned one on for the entire breast-feeding support group on Thursday while being held by the lactation consultant. Then he charmed the nurse with another one during my OB appointment on Friday. Now I need to get him give a big one to Dad! Maybe for Father's Day....]

In other news, Gordon's Dad, Yeh-Yeh, came to visit last weekend. He was really anxious to meet little Q, so he took the bus up here on his own to sneak in an early visit. I'm telling you this man is nothing short of a magic, baby-holding machine. He beats any swing, bouncy chair contraption on the market. I'm always amazed by his unlimited patience and by how much enjoyment he derives out of just sitting there holding these babies. He did the same thing for Lily when she was an infant. I do love my kids, but I dunno, I get bored easily. And at this stage - not sure if its just age or temperament yet, Quinn really really likes being held. He does not like the bouncy chair and he's not big into napping anywhere but in my arms. Thank goodness for the mei tai that Gordon bought me a couple of years back. It's pretty much the only way I manage to get anything done around here other than nursing and holding Quinn. I've been wanting to write this post where I chronicle a typical day for me and Quinn, but can't seem to put him down long enough to start it!

So anyway, it was fabulous having Yeh-Yeh here. I got to spend some real time with Lily for a change - it was such a help. He left Tuesday morning and I missed him immediately. Magic, I tell you!

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