Friday, March 6, 2009

Regularly Scheduled Illness

This week Lily got sick - if you remember she was pretty sick last March too (hey - that was posted EXACTLY one year ago to the day!). All in all we've been lucky in terms of illnesses - she's been pretty healthy. But you know - it's winter, and she goes to daycare - so it's to be expected every now and then.

This year she woke up with a fever on my birthday - pretty much killing any plans we had to go out. She was what we call "sweet sick". Not super miserable, still playing around, but every now and then would come over and cuddle up to one of us for a bit. Very sweet. We kept her home Sunday through Tuesday and then by Wednesday her fever had gone away and we decided to try going back to day care. We found out that everyone else at Mimi's had been sick recently too - so it seemed something was working it's way through their little group. Lily's fever was gone, but now she was coughing pretty badly. She had an OK day on Wednesday, but had a terrible night Wednesday night. She hardly slept at all because she was coughing so much.

So Thursday morning came and she was NOT happy to be getting up. Gordon stayed home with her in the AM to give her more time to get ready to go to Mimi's. She was pretty much a beast all morning. I left sort of annoyed because every time I went near her to see how she was feeling she'd shake her finger at me and say "No Mommy! No Mommy! Go AWAY!". Grrrrrr. Not a happy camper. She did cry for hugs and kisses when I left though, so it wasn't all animosity.

A couple of hours into my day Gordon sends me this picture:

These are underbed storage boxes that I ordered recently from Land of Nod. And just as an aside, they are really nice and totally on sale right now - like deeply. I bought them as part of our "Condo V2.0" project in which I'm re-organizing, re-arranging and re-decorating to get ready for Baby Koi (more on that - and pictures! - in posts soon I PROOOOMISE). Anyway Lily was all interested asking "what is that?" "what is that?". So Gordon told her they were her new bed. Since then she's been asking "where's my bed box?" So Gordon decided to humor her during her crappy mood Thursday morning (since boxes are STILL in the hallway and not filled with clothes and stashed UNDERBED quite yet). He stuck her in a box with a blanket and pillow and she LOVED it (as you can tell by the photographic evidence) - did not want to get out. Toddlers - so odd in the most wonderful ways.

Anyway, the picture made me smile at work - so I thought I'd share.

To finish up the sick part of the story - she did go to Mimi's yesterday, but ended the day there feeling pretty badly. When I picked her up she had spiked a fever again and was really miserable. She slept with us last night so we could keep an eye on her and she was running at or above 102 all night. Today we're going to the doctors (as soon as the office opens so I can get an appointment that is). My guess is that she's picked up a secondary bacterial infection - hopefully some antibiotics will do the trick!

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