Monday, March 30, 2009

32 Weeks - A Sneak Preview

I had another ultrasound today. It was a growth ultrasound and it sounds like there will be a couple more before all is said and done because of the GD. It's funny, most women only get one ultrasound and would be psyched for more. Being high-risk, I got a ton and am starting to get a little tired of it. Only because it makes for a pretty long appointment. As the weeks tick by it's getting harder to fit all the work/home stuff in that needs to happen - so every extra trek out to St. Elizabeth's is a bit of a drag.

BUT! We got some awesome pictures today. Also, Lily came along and she was great. I was a tad worried about how it would go - since it was just she and I. But she was just awesome. She sat in the chair quietly, asked questions and was genuinely excited to see pictures of the baby. I definitely had a moment of - I dunno - sappy wonder - when the tech showed us the first 3D face picture. It was quite amazing to see this little new life growing inside me - I guess it never really gets old - no matter how painful or annoying all the little "side effects" can be.

Before I get to the pictures - here's a few stats. Heartbeat was 132 when the tech measured it. I went back and check and Lily's heart rate at the same time was 147. However, she was down around 130 at another visit a few weeks later, so there's probably not much stock in that "boys have lower heart rates" thing. So gender, still a mystery :) Also, baby's growth is consistent with my due date - and that's really good news. With the GD I'm all worried about baby getting too big. So it's good to hear that we're still on the right track there.

And finally! pictures:

When Lily saw this one she said "Baby Sleeping?"

The ultrasound tech told me that baby and Lily have the same cheeks! Yay MasterWong cheeks!

I just love this - Hi Baby Koi - we can't wait to meet you either!

And finally, a story. People often ask is Lily is excited to be a big sister or ready to be a big sister, etc. To be honest, I can't really tell. She definitely talks about the baby in my belly now and will come over and say hi to baby etc. I'm just not entirely sure that she "gets it". I think it's possible that in her mind the baby in my belly is a toy baby just like her doll (who unfortunately, is also named baby). The other day, I worked a little late, so she and Gordon were home before me. When I came in Lily said "Mommy's home! and baby too!" I thought that was adorable. Then Gordon told me that just before I walked in she was talking about me and baby coming home and they had this exchange:

Lily: "I want to bite baby"
G: "hmmmm... what would happen if you did that?"
Lily: "baby be broken"

so umm... yeah.... Not quite sure what to do what that one. The next day I picked up a big sister book at the library.

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