Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lily and the Philadelphia Zoo

This weekend we are visiting Gordon's brother and his family in Southern New Jersey. It is Ba Ba's (G's Dad) birthday and we thought that was a fine excuse to get everyone together. So hopefully there will be at least one other post full of adorable little girl pictures. But for now I wanted to tell you about our trip to the Philadelphia Zoo today. It was Lily's first zoo outing - I was very excited to take her there as she's very into animal names/sounds lately. It's funny how much of our early vocabulary seems to revolve around animals and the soudns they make.

Unfortunately Gabe's wife is busy at a medical conference this weekend, but the rest of the Wong clan packed up early this morning and drove off to Philadelphia. We went armed with a bunch of snacks, two stroller, an Ego, and an adult to little girl ratio of 5:3. The Philadelphia Zoo is really great and we all had a fun time. Highlights included:

A Yak Sighting - OK actually it was some kind of cattle, but Lily is into yaks lately. She got some great Eric Carle animal flashcards and loves finding the yak card and running around saying "YYYYYYAAAAAK" (note to self: post video, it's so funny). It sounds alot like the "Ya" at the end of a kung-fu "hi-ya!" Anyway, the cattle thing did look alot like a yak - see for yourself:

A pony ride for Sera and Valora:

Elephants, tigers, monkeys, kangaroos, rhinos, jaguars, lions - in short, lots of good material for a budding photographer with a telephoto lens and a fancy camera.

A "Children's Zoo" complete with a petting zoo. Lily ran up and patted ALL the goats. She also got to watch ducks for awhile - quacking away the whole time. These pics didn't come out so great, but G's going to try editing one into goodness for us.

Well we had a great time and hope to visit the zoo again. It was extra special to be there with the whole Wong clan (we missed you Que!). Thanks to Gabe and the girls for showing us a great time on our visit.

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