Monday, June 9, 2008

Keepin' Cool

It seems that I brought the crazy hot Houston weather back to Boston with me. It is hot here - like seriously, disgustingly, August-in-New-England hot. And it's only June! Yesterday we were bowing to the gods of central air while we kept cool inside. However, we discovered that our front deck gets some pretty nice shade in the afternoon. It's got a northern exposure and our building is tall enough to block the sun altogether at that time of day. So we spent an hour or so outside there with Lily and my parents in the afternoon. Lily loves her sand/water table - well let's be honest - it's mostly a mud table. Her favorite activity is carrying the sand from the sand side to the water side and then clapping enthusiastically. It makes me wonder - do the makers of these tables really think that it's going to stay "sand on one side water on the other"? Or is the whole design intended for mud?

Gordon brought a little spray bottle outside and started spraying Lily with it to cool her down. She LOVED it. And decided it was the new great way to drink water. So long sippy cups - hello spray bottle. She'd walk up to whoever had the bottle and just stand there with her mouth open waiting. Hysterical. We finally got her a "big girl cup" and let her drink that while dumping it all over herself. I really do love summer.

On a side note, one of the great joys of parenting has been watching Lily interact with her grandparents. She loves them and they all adore her. We are so thankful that our parents are close by and get to spend time with her - how lucky that makes all of us. Gordon's Dad - Lily's Yeh Yeh - came up to stay with her last week while I was in Houston. He cooked her tons of yummy food - she LOVES his cooking - and indulged her shamelessly with walks and park trips and anything she wanted. Then she had such a wonderful time with my parents, Grammy and Papa, on Sunday. In fact, when it was time for them to go home she said "shoes?" and ran and got her shoes so she could go too!


Jen B said...

The spray bottle picture is THE BEST!

Erica said...

she is totally your mini-me. and I love the picture of her and your dad, it cracks me up.