Sunday, June 15, 2008

Corinne, Mike & Rocket

Ever since our friends Mike & Corinne moved from Somverille to the Pacific Northwest we've been lucky enough to get at least one visit from them each year. This year that trend continued as they were pulled out this way by a wedding. The only difference is that this time Corinne was packing a few extra, very welcome pounds. They arrived on the red eye Thursday morning and hung out with us the WHOLE weekend - well with the exception of some wedding festivities on Thursday and Saturday. Anyway - we had a wonderful time with them and felt so lucky to get to see them as much as we did. Highlights from their visit were:

A quick visit to the Growing Center in Somerville for a playdate followed by a huge, yummy brunch outside on the patio at the Neighborhood Restaurant in Union Square. Here's a picture of Lily hanging out there with Uncle Mike.


Ice cream at Christina's in Inman Square. Lily and I "shared" a cup of oreo. And by shared I mean Lily grabbed the cup and the spoon and then calmly peeled my fingers off the cup whenever I tried to hold on to it. Even if I was just holding it to give her better traction for scooping! Mike and Corinne brought some maple walnut back to our place so we got to continue enjoying Christina's all weekend.


Dinner on our back porch - Gordon made some yummy shrimp and pineapple skewers, a great salad with veggies from our CSA and some meat of some kind (I'm writing this later and my memory is fading.. ugh). After going through our pictures from the weekend I realized that Lily must have been both Gordon AND Mike's favorite subject - because most of the photos are of her. So here's one of Lily hanging out behind Corinne's chair after dinner.


A "girl's night out" movie - Corinne and I managed to sneak out Friday night to see Sex & The City. It was particularly apt timing since she and I watched the entire show together on DVD when she lived in Somerville. We used to have a weekly craft night during which we'd crochet and watch TV. We worked our way through both Ally McBeal and Sex and the City this way. Ah - I do miss my girls friends. It seems that all of them have up and moved away on me!

And finally a big group get-together complete with mini-baby shower for Mike, Corinne and Rocket. But that's subject enough for another post....

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