Monday, April 14, 2008

Our Big T Adventure

Today Lily and I got to go on a bit of an adventure - well an adventure for us at least. With a lot of help from my brother, Gordon and I found a nice rate on a new loan for our condo. So after much paperwork we finally had a closing scheduled for today. The trick was that we had to get a law office in Brookline. So G went into work late today and the three of us jumped in the car and drove down there. The closing went fine - Lily was very patient (thank goodness I had a bag of kashi mighty bites stashed in the diaper bag). Afterwards Gordon took the car to work and Lily and I started our "long journey" (as Julia would say) home.

I took the Ergo with us and put Lily up in a back carry for the walk from the law office to the Coolidge Corner T stop. Definitely a little bit of a haul. But Lily really likes the Ergo so we were fine. I'm quite proud of myself for finally getting the hang of getting her into and out of a back carry on my own. She really seems to enjoy being up there. Sometimes she pats me on the back for encouragement and when she's tired she'll rest her head on me - it's very sweet. The first picture shows Lily in her Ergo - it's not from this trip though - I didn't have a camera (or Gordon!) with me.

Once on the green line train I took Lily down from the carrier and let her sit next to me in her own seat. She really seemed to love that. She watched the scenery outside the train and made friends with anyone who would engage with her inside the train. She especially liked waving hi and bye to people as the came on or got off the train. We rode the green line all the way into Park Street and then transferred to the red line for the rest of the trip to Davis. I am so psyched that I was able to get her up and down from the Ergo for the train switch.

Upon arrival at Davis things got a little hairy - Lily was starting to lose patience in terms of the whole "not having lunch yet" thing. We did a quick run to the post office and then I sprinted off to Anna's Taqueria with a crying toddler on my back. Once in Anna's Lily continued to melt down further. I tried to get in line with her to order and she just wasn't having any of it. I couldn't pick her up, I couldn't leave her standing on her own. She'd stand there stomping her feet and spiking her sippy cup into the ground. I've decided that this stage of toddlerhood is karma's way of evening the score for every time you've ever seen parents out with toddlers and have thought to yourself "gee - they should really learn to control their kid". So those of you that are planning kids in the future - be kind to us poor saps now! Anyway we left the line, ate some cheerios at the table and then went and got food when she had calmed down - and the line had evaporated. I hope the two guys who were standing behind us and left weren't driven off by the wailing.

After lunch it was back up into the Ergo for a quick walk to the bike path. Once on the path Lily was free to walk on her own - and boy does she LOVE that. Taking her out has gotten a bit more challenging as of late because she only wants to walk by herself - and that means NOT holding on to Mommy/Daddy's hand. So the bike path has become a total blessing. We liked that we were close to it, but didn't realize until now how invaluable the safe walking path would be for a toddler. Lily walked on her own all the way from Davis to the park at Lexington Street. She had a wonderful time chasing after the birds - and even added the word "bird" to her lexicon. The trick was keeping her focused on the birds that were ahead of us, instead of those behind. Otherwise we'd lose all the ground we had just made. She was also rewarded with a few dog sightings. And let me tell you - she is definitely saying "doggie" now. It's clear as day - and she can spot one a mile away. She also got to practice another of her favorite new words: "Hi". Everyone who passed us got a nice "hi" from Lily and a wave. Below is a picture of Lily on the path (not from today's outing)

Since Lily was leading the way home there was no avoiding a stop at Lexington Park. She loves the park and complains loudly if we try to walk past it. So we hung out there for a bit, swung, played with a ball and made some new friends. We got home about 5 hours after we originally set out and Lily's been asleep ever since!

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