Tuesday, April 22, 2008

16 Months: not a baby anymore!

One fascinating thing about having a baby is watching them grow and change so quickly. I remember when my friend Dennis' first daughter Abagail was born he told me how amazing it was to watch her learn new things. At first I though - oh just another love-sick new parent - but now I totally get it. Probably because I am also now a love-sick new parent. But whatever the reason - it IS fascinating.

Lily is 16 months old today - well about 4 hours ago. In the past month she's had one of those rapid change periods when you look at her one day and can't believe your eyes. Today was kind of one of those days. Over the past two weeks she's blossomed from baby to toddler right before our eyes. I cant' decide who's changing faster - her or the mad-growing chives we've got in our herb garden! Here's some of her new big girl behavior:

When Gordon brings Lily to Mimi's for day care now she walks up the steps (with his help) like a big girl, helps ring the bell and then waits for Mimi. When she opens the door she trucks right into the building and heads to Mimi's apartment. Sometimes she looks back and waves to Daddy, but not always.

She STRONGLY prefers to walk by herself now. So much it's a bit of an issue and occasionally ends with a full-on kicking and screaming sidewalk tantrum when we're on a busy street and she needs to hold my hand or be carried.

A new favorite activity is sitting on the couch and "reading" books. I love it because she wants to sit on the couch to do it - it's really adorable (see photographic evidence of extreme cuteness above).

She's got the routines of the house down. Before we leave the condo she points to the alarm panel to make sure that we turn it on. Today when we got home she wanted my car keys. So I let her carry them up to the apartment. When we got in she stood in front of the key hanger near the door and pointed at it until I hung them up in the right spot.

When she's bored at home and wants to go out she gets her coat, walks to the door and calls me. While this behavior is sometimes cute it can be not so fun when I have to tell her that we're actually not going out right now.

She's given up her pacifier during naps at Mimi's. I found this out today. She hasn't quite done it at home yet. We tried tonight - she got in her crib, looked around for it and then looked up at us and made the "where is it" gesture (palms up, questioning look on face). then she kept repeating "this this this" over and over. The funny part was she never cried - she knew she'd get it - it was just a question of when. She's getting baby-sitters (we love you Shawn and Liz!) tomorrow night and we don't want to sabotage them. So we'll try this again at home over the weekend.

It's so fun to watch her change and grow - but we miss our little baby too!
Happy "Birthday" Lily


Erica said...

It really is bitter sweet when they grow up. I feel like I treasure Charlotte more than I did Elisabeth because I know she's going to grow up too fast. With Elisabeth I was always excited about getting to the next phase. I kind of wish Charlotte would just stay how she is now.

I think it is adorable that she gets her coat on and calls for you. Count yourself lucky - half of our fights are about getting coats on!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, the eye bleeding cuteness.