Friday, April 4, 2008

Hot? or not

In the spirit of writing down things here so I have a record of what all happened when... here's an update on Lily's words. You might remember that a month or so back she surprised us with doggie. Well since then she's slowly added some more to her repertoire. I have to say though - I fear that I am utterly failing on the whole "figuring out what the heck she's saying and giving her credit for it" thing. We saw the doctor and he asked how many words she had and I was like.. umm none? I think my expectations are too high. I expect her to say it repeatedly, in context and with proper pronunciation. Anyway, when Lily's Aunt Que was here last weekend she informed me that Lily's saying "lots of stuff". So I'm listening more closely and interpreting more freely now. Here's what we've got so far:

HOT: This is by far the clearest and most used. Pretty much every meal is accompanied by lots of hand waving over food and proclamations of "hot". Sometimes the food actually is hot, sometimes it came out of the fridge. You never know when she's going to pull it out. The best part is her expression - we need to capture it on film. She looks at you with her big eyes very wide as if to say "please, blow on this before I incinerate myself". My favorite usage is when she really means "i'm bored with this spinach and would like some cheese please". She'll be eating something (like spinach) just fine, and then all of the sudden she puts her hand on it and finds that it has become hot and she can no longer eat it anymore... oh - we're on to you little girl!

Dog: Thanks to our walks on the bike path she has LOTS of opportunity to practice this one. And does so with gusto whenever one of our four-legged friends appears.

Car I have not heard this one, but Gordon says she says it alot when they're in parking lots and stuff.

Daddy/Dada Lily's been saying this FOREVER. She used to caper around the house in her happiest moments chanting "dad-DY, dad-DY". Now she seems to be attaching it to Gordon as well as to pure bliss. Can anyone say daddy's girl? The most forward use of Dadddy came on Monday when she decided that she was tired of being alone with me, got her coat and walked to the door saying "DaDa" loudly. Oh the joy.

Kitty: Lily has a knit stuffed kitty that Auntie Dory made for her. We play with it in the crib all the time (kitty goes meow meow meow and then attacks her - great fun for all).

Duck/ducky She really likes ducks. We have a bunch. She's got something that she says that starts with a "d" and seems to relate to these items. I'll give it to her. Lately there's another word in there that I believe sounds like quack too.

Moooo: well in Lily's world cow's don't really moo so much as just say "mmmmmmmmm" They must have their mouth's full.

Mama Notice this comes after her sort of moo sound. I'm not really convinced she's saying it - and she says it in relation to me, the woman who birthed her, very rarely. But I have heard it once or twice, and sometimes she kind of glances my direction. So for my sake - I'll count it!


bdc said...

My mom says "hot" was my first word too. "Hot" is definitely still popular with Daniel at the moment. Everything he does not want to eat is too hot, even when it really is just barely warm.

Becky said...

OK quick update:
Gordon pointed out that I forgot an important word
"okay" - when we guess what it is that Lily might want she nods her head and says "okay". You want food? "ok". You want to go outside? "ok". You want to go to sleep? "ok". You want Mommy's computer? "ok"

And tonight we got a new addition to the list - drum roll please - NO! During dinner at redbones Gordon asked Lily a question, totally expecting to get the aforementioned "ok" response. But she shook her head vigorously to the side and clearly said "NO!". I think he was trying to get her to eat succotash instead of mac 'n cheese.

Gordon said...

I don't know why she said 'no'. I personally much prefer succotash over mac 'n cheese. Maybe I am weird.