Thursday, November 22, 2007


Every year we spend Thanksgiving at my Mom's cousin's house. Gail and Bev graciously open their house and host a lovely dinner for about 22 people. This year we had a 28 pound turkey, the usual assortment of stuffings (everyone has a favorite recipe), sweet potatoes done a few ways, squash, carrots & turnips, ham, corn, pumpkin bread, biscuits, the list goes on! While sitting around the table we realized that Gail and Bev have been hosting for about 16 years now - how time does fly!

Of course this year was Lily's first year at our gathering. She had a spot at the head of the table in Casey's old high chair (thanks for sharing Casey!). She thoroughly enjoyed all the new foods and loved being able to see everyone as we all ate. Her cousin Victoria (shown with Lily below) took special care of her all day. My Grandmother was able to be there with us too - we are so thankful for her presence.

We are very thankful to have such wonderful family to celebrate the holidays with. Oh, and today is also Lily's 11 month birthday - happy "birthday" Lily!

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